Digital transformation leads to increase the number of applications in many organizations. Service Automation ends repetitive tasks and improves overall business performance.

But many organizations are facing risks due to automation process: lack of reliability having impact on the overall business process.


Process Sentry makes the difference in your automation process :


Flow orchestration and automatic restart

Execution follow up

Prioritization of dataflow

Process Sentry is based on a specific view and openness for many interfaces:

  • API with more than 300 interfaces

  • Specific API

  • Connectors for Json / Webhook for other softwares (servicenow and other ITSM tools)


Process Sentry solution reinforces reliability of automatic operations through a strong monitoring capacity.

The solution offers a more easy and legible control of task execution and bugs related to applications flow: 

Process Sentry monitors business continuity

  • Day to day control of digital activities

  • Centralized monitoring and better interoperability


Simplify intra collaboration through a better and easier monitoring of your digital operations

Get the solution to collaborate in real time with all your departments:

  • Identify changes and directly notify involved actors

  • Interpret and be effective to solve problems

Dedicated tools

Steps processing dynamic map,

Dynamic data exchange event log

Operations KPIs and dashboards